Microsoft Band 2 Blog: Stage 1 (Women's)

Stage 1 – Amgen Breakaway from Heart Disease Women’s Race empowered with SRAM
Wednesday May 19, 2016
By: Sean Stapleton

South Lake Tahoe
For the second straight year we saw the elite women of the professional peloton contest the 72 mile lap of Lake Tahoe, ending at Heavenly Mountain Resort. However, with the Amgen Breakaway from Heart Disease Women’s Race empowered with SRAM being the first ever UCI Women’s World Tour race on American soil, and the first ever stage race in Women’s World Tour history, the field of elite Women was stronger than ever and brought more diversity to the race than ever. Surely the altitude of Lake Tahoe and winds in excess of 50 MPH took a toll on the riders, leading to exciting data to review from the riders who wore a Microsoft Band 2.

Alison Tetrick Review:

Alison Tetrick is not only one of the most exceptional riders in the field, but also is an ambassador for Breakaway from Cancer and an ambassador for Women’s cycling in general. An active participant in social media, Ali was active on the first stage of the Breakaway from Heart Disease Women’s Race empowered with SRAM.

From reviewing the data and heart rate information provided by the Microsoft Band 2 you can see that there were fireworks in South Lake Tahoe as the peloton took on the first Lexus Queen of the Mountains in Emerald Bay. The altitude makes it very difficult to cover attacks, something that Alison is quite adept at doing. There were multiple attacks on the ascent up Emerald Bay and Ali covered attacks early and often on Stage 1. As Ali covered attacks up Emerald Bay you see her reach a ‘very hard’ heart rate at the peak of the climb around mile 11. The thin mountain air might have had a tiring effect on the peloton as eventually Sarah Storey was able to get away from the pack and ride solo for over 45 miles before being re-captured by the peloton. Looking at the course profile of the first stage is deceiving, as the road around Lake Tahoe is rolling and undulating; as a testament to the difficulty of the stage you see Alison reach a very hard heart rate consistently throughout the race. When you see that Alison reached a top speed of almost 49 Miles per hour you know that there were some hills in the course. Ali’s best split of a 1’29” mile is impressive, hills or not, especially at the altitude of Lake Tahoe which sits at 6,224 feet at lake level.

Alison Tetrick - Stage 1

Doris Schweizer

Similar to her teammate Alison Tetrick when you review Doris Schweizer’s data you see that she put in a hard days work, consistently working with a ‘very hard’ and ‘hard’ heart rate throughout the stage. You can tell that the Women of Cyclance work well together not only from their great team spirit, but with biometrics and data from their Microsoft Band 2’s that support that the two were working as a team.

Doris Schweizer - Miles per Hour in Stage 1

Allie Dragoo

One of Professional cycling brightest young stars, Allie Dragoo, is wearing the Microsoft band and has provided GPS data for Stage 1. Allie finished 1:22 down on the stage winner, her US National teammate and current US Champion Megan Guarnier. Team Twenty16 – Ridebiker had a plan and followed it up with exceptional teamwork, placing Kristin Armstrong in the top 3 and placing Allie Dragoo and Chloe Dygert both in a good GC position primed to take on the team time trial in Folsom. With the teamwork and strength that Allie’s team showed in South Lake Tahoe they will be a team to watch in the Team Time Trial. The Lake Tahoe stage featured larger hills than Allie is probably is used to from her background as a BMX racer, but she clearly showed that she can handle hills and still have a great finish.

Coryn Rivera

Coryn Rivera is highly regarded as one of the best sprinters in the USA, but on this stage she showed that she can also handle hills, distance, and duel with the best riders in the world. We had previously seen Coryn Rivera take on the top riders in the world with a great performance at the 2015 World Championships in Richmond, Virginia where her performance helped set up Teammate Megan Guarnier for a bronze medal. Coryn’s performance indicates that she is worthy of consideration as a protected rider, and impressively Coryn’s heart rate throughout the race averaged 160 BPM’s, with a max Heartrate of 211 – the highest recording by an athlete wearing a Microsoft Band 2 in Stage 1. You can’t say that Coryn Rivera doesn’t have heart, but she also has talent and worked hard to achieve 7th place on the stage.

Coryn Rivera's Heart Stage 1 Overview Coryn Rivera's Heart Rate and Calories