Microsoft Band 2 Blog: Stage 6

Stage 6 presented by SRAM – Friday, May 20, 2016
By: Ryan Ung

Folsom Individual Time Trial

  • Distance: 12.6 racing miles
  • Winning Time: 24:16 (31.2 mph)
  • David’s Time: 28:10 (26.8 mph)
  • Max Speed: 45.1 mph
  • UV Exposure: 12 min

Stage 6 was the decisive Folsom Individual Time Trial for the general classification contenders and specialists in the discipline. For all other riders, especially those with ambitions to save energy and win later in the week, the goal of the time trial is to ride only has hard as required to make the stage’s time cut. Each day a time cut is determined by the officials in the road book – for the time trial this limit was set at 25% of the winner’s time so many riders make a rough calculation before the race to determine their effort. It is not surprising to see the major of the riders grouped just inside the time limit.

One of the many features of the Microsoft Band 2 is the GPS ride tracking feature. As shown by the winners of this stage, Bradley Wiggins in 2014 and Rohan Dennis in 2016, the Folsom Time Trial features a challenging course built for strong riders who specialize in riding against the clock. The speed visualization below for Team Novo Nordisk rider David Lozano shows there are many variations in speed (red being the fastest) throughout the course due to the rolling hills.

David Lozano’s time trial speed Team Novo Nordisk’s David Lozano’s time trial speed in Folsom

The course was 12.6 miles long in an out and back format so riders covered the same ground twice in very windy conditions. As a comparison, Wiggins’ winning time in 2014 was 23:18, whereas today’s best time was 24:16 by Rohan Dennis (Dennis rode 24:02 in 2014) – wind played a significant factor.

Continuing with the trend of rest, recovery, repeat – David slept 9 hours the day before the time trial as he has throughout the week (shown below). To survive through all 8 days of the race, riders must dedicate themselves to proper recovery, which means going to bed early! One of the main takeaways is that normal sleep involves peaks and valleys between light and restful sleep – going to bed with a clear, relaxed mind can make the difference in falling into a deep rest.

David Lozano’s sleepTeam Novo Nordisk’s David Lozano has dedicated himself to proper recovery by sleeping 9 hours a night