Design Process

Render data captured at Morro Bay with the Microsoft Kinect

Above is a render data captured at Morro Bay, Morro Rock with sample cyclist. The photo is captured utilizing the Microsoft Kinect. Photo: Volvox Labs

Art installation at this year's AMGEN Tour of California

Exhilarating and innovative

AMGEN Tour of California is not only about the rider’s dedication to their sport, but also the fan’s dedication to a lifestyle. At the 2017 the art installation THE RIDE by Microsoft will be made and featured. Using Microsoft Kinect cyclists in movement will be captured to create real-time motion activated images.

The goal is to give fans a new, artistic, perspective of the race. Rendered prints will be accessible for the fans as high resolution posters, as a desktop, mobile device wallpaper and to save and share with friends. Get your own custom print here (link).

The visuals are generated in real time, on-location. See the unfolding of technology turning into art at select locations of the tour:

Map of California Route
  • Sacramento, May 14
  • Modesto, May 15
  • Pismo Beach, May 16
  • Santa Barbara, May 17
  • Mt. Baldy, May 18
  • Big Bear Lake, May 19
  • Pasadena, May 20 2017

Design Process

Microsoft Kinect

Using Microsoft Kinect to photograph 3D motion of the cyclists as they race past. A custom rig has been made for the Kinect cameras, specifically for outdoor use.

Together with laser scans, the Kinect output will be used to give the final images a surprising and beautiful perspective.

The Kinect rig is built of eight Microsoft Kinect sensors, mounted on two custom built rigs. Custom built micro computers are networked together. This is possible because of custom programming, based on high end 3D animation tools that can translate the point cloud data received by the Microsoft Kinects. Windows Software Development Kit for Kinect is utilized to create an interface between all the sensors.

Software Package for The Ride by Microsoft

Download the Microsoft Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.0 to unlock a world of digital opportunities. For interactive design studio Volvox Labs, the Kinect has been key in order to create exhilarating art for The Ride by Microsoft. Learn more on how they use the Microsoft Kinect in their art projects from tracking body gestures, silhouette extraction to 3D mesh and point cloud creation at Volvox Labs or directly on email:

Use the SDK kit for to make your own art and discover a playful new way to explore the Microsoft Kinect!

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