Stage 6 - Santa Clarita to Mountain High

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Stage 6 will start in the Newhall section of Santa Clarita. For those racers who came screaming down Bouquet Canyon to the finish of Stage 3 in 2013, they will know that they have a long and steep climb up Bouquet Canyon. A left turn onto Spunky Canyon will see the route pass through the small town of Green Valley. The race continues through the familiar host city of Palmdale and onto the route used in 2010 to reach Big Bear. The climb of Big Pine Rd. was the first of many on the 2010 route. It will be the final climb of Stage 6. As the riders reach the top of the climb and have Mountain High Ski resort in their sights, the leaders will find that the route makes a 180 degree turn up Table Mountain Rd and another steep 1.2 mile climb to the remote finish at Mountain High North. This will be the second true mountaintop finish of 2014.

Key Segments of the Stage

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Stage: 6
Friday, May 16, 2014
Time: 11:35 am Start
Start: Santa Clarita
Finish: Mountain High
Miles: 94.4 mi
Kilometers: 151.8 km
Elevation Gain: 11,700ft

Download (PDF)
Download (PDF)

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